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AirLive targets the Colombian market


In Colombia, the IP video surveillance market is growing. As a result, AirLive plans to get more involved in the training for System Integrators and in the supply of unique security solutions. In order to possess the technical skills needed to carry out a surveillance project the Representative of AirLive in Latin America, Adrián Bongioanni, led a training last June 11th , 2014 at the Grand Hotel Hamilton of Bogotá.


"The main purpose of this meeting was to explain the development and integration of a complete IP surveillance system," said Adrian Bongioanni. "We had the presence of important integrators from Bogotá. During the training, AirLive showed it' s complete product portfolio that include IP cameras, PoE switches and radio equipment providing an overview of the assembly structure of an IP surveillance solution for both indoors and outdoors environment".

The program included the different IP surveillance solutions, the IP video surveillance system, IP cameras and surveillance management software, among others. In addition, a special section was dedicated to discuss the concerns when planning a project (data collection, wiring IP cameras, lens selection, calculation of bandwidth and storage) and to present the successful global and regional case studies.

The participants showed great interest on AirLive solutions. While recognizing the importance of this type of training for integrators and security specialists, they valued the explanation of the different aspects that need to be considered when planning a surveillance system.

At the end of this training, the integrators left knowing how to calculate the total bandwidth required to set a surveillance system and how to evaluate the ideal server for this type of project.