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AirLive: Pushing the video surveillance business

Adrian, Bongioanni Sales


Two years ago, AirLive fully entered the IP video surveillance market, developing a solid and comprehensive offer to the integrator channel. Today has its focus on expanding its channel network, through a portfolio of solutions supported by training and pre and post sales consultancy. On this proposal, we interviewed Adrian Bongioanni, Sales Representative for Latin America Airlive.

What is the proposed AirLive products and services?

Our solution consists of several products branches, with a broad central line of IP cameras with more than 30 models ranging from compact cameras and home-simple installation with remote display service from smartphones and tablets configuration automatically to more robust cameras with an IP-66 sealing that enlarges the spectrum of coverage.
Also, our offer also includes solutions for citizen surveillance through cameras with high levels of security and anti-vandalism, line allows us to adapt smoothly to this niche market.

Do they complement their offerings with other product lines?

Right. We have a line of radio equipment, comprised of clients and base stations that deliver alternative integrator offering wireless surveillance solution for short and long distances, simple installation. At the same time, we offer a line of switching to power PoE IP cameras and radio links through the same UTP cable. This line allows us to manage teams of 8, 16 and 24 ports, depending on the size of the project.

What are the main competitive advantages of Airlive?

Our main advantage today is that our prices are very competitive within the right middle segment of video surveillance solutions. However, our proposal goes beyond price, because we support continuously and progressively work integrators nationwide, with quarterly training and a pre and post sales support that brings us to the installers. That's one of the strongest points of our proposal to the channel: backup.

In this sense, how is the relationship with the distribution channel?

Airlive is Taiwanese brand in the Chilean market, we are proud to say we have a relationship of trust with them. We follow principle of respect for resellers and that is a key point in the relationship we have developed. We believe in a long-term channel level to reach with our offer at the end of the chain, through our integrators.